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How Do I Know If I Need A Garage Door Pro?

Self-diagnosing your garage door problem can be simple. 

Maybe an object is in the way of the photo eyes near the bottom of the door, perhaps the manual pull cord was pulled and not reset, or maybe it’s time to call the professionals at Mid-South Door Co.

Let’s start with some easy steps to guide you through. 

Step 1 – Walk out to your garage door and take a good look at it.

Step 2 – Using the guide below, take a few minutes and look over the door carefully.

If your garage door is not opening or closing, there could be a multitude of potential issues, or one very simple one. Lets start with these:

  • Cables are loose
  • Photo Eyes are blocked or mis-aligned
  • A gear is broken or stripped inside the motor
  • One of the springs is broken at the top of the door
  • Lock button is selected on the electric motor wall station
  • Batteries are dead in the remote or the remote is broken
  • The electric motor is broken, the circuit board inside might need to be replaced or other part

  • Both or one of these lights flash

  • The springs at the top center of your door may look like this picture. 
  • Or they may be stretch springs on the side that are broken. 
  • Or the springs are inside the tube that runs across the top of the door, if they are broken in this case, you won’t be able to see them.
This is potentially very dangerous and you need to call Mid-South Door Co. right away, do not try to replace the spring yourself.

If your door looks like this, the cables have come off of the drum they are designed to wrap on to.  

Something caused this and it will need to be fixed or this will happen again.  

This is potentially very dangerous and you need to call Mid-South Door Co. right away, do not try to use the door until they arrive.

If the noise isn’t coming from something you can easily see, most likely its coming from inside the garage door opener.  

Gears break or strip which can can sound like the motor humming or actual grinding noises.  

Unfortunately this is not a DIY project and you will need to get this repaired or replace the opener altogether. But don’t worry, Mid-South has you covered!

Broken Spring?

Professional Needed

This is a dangerous task to DIY

Crooked Door?

Professional Needed

Cables may be loose, a track may be broken, call us to be safe!

Opener Blinking?

Maybe A DIY!

Count the number of blinks and follow the manufacturer's guide for what that code means

Super Noisy?

Professional Needed

This is a potentially dangerous task to DIY

Remote or Keypad Not Working?

Maybe A DIY!

Replace batteries if needed. Reprogram to the motor by following the manufacturer's directions.

Valuable Piece of Mind

You count on your garage door every day to secure your home, and many of us use the garage door daily as a "front" door. Keeping it secure is a must.

Maintenance Is Important

Your garage door requires regular maintenance every six months to keep it working in peak condition.

Regular preventative maintenance prevents you or car from being stuck in the garage or from having avoidable and potentially expensive damage being done to the door or your possessions.

The Mid-South Solution

Mid-South customers have found that with us, their garage door runs smoother and lasts longer, providing that wonderful piece of mind we all require.