Commercial Doors and Dock Equipment
Service, Repair, and New Installations

Small Business Applications
Your business depends on these doors working properly every day. Ours does too.
Sectional and Barrel Doors for Outbuildings
Small and Extra Large, we install these doors every week
Warehouse Dock Doors
New door installs and servicing of all brands
Dock Levelers and Bumpers
All applications, heavy to light duty. We do a lot more
Pit Mount Dock Levelers
Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Manual, repairs or new installs
Full Shelters and Dock Bumpers
Protecting your investments
Once the doors stop working, business is hard
Forklifts don't always behave.
Springs Break
They keep the whole show moving. Call us for emergency service

Your voice is our path

Every project is different. We start with listening and asking questions. We will learn what your planned goals are.

After we feel we have the same vision you do, we will give you options that matter.

You know what you want. We know how to get you there.


30 years together as a family owned business. Continually training ourselves on new products available for installation.

Leveraging our years of technical know how to train our techs on all repairs needed in the field.

We do not know all there is to know about sectional and barrel doors. That is why we will not stop improving ourselves and our team.

Time Matters

We want to help you drive things forward. Your vision didn't include things breaking or deadlines suddenly in front of you.

We want to help, we want you moving forward again. Your vision can now include us.

Call us and put us in motion for you!

I quit fooling around with other companies once Mid-South Door fixed my main door to my building. Since that time 12 years ago, I have had at least 6 or 7 doors installed by them and never had a lick of trouble out of any of them.

Gregory Morris

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picture of trucks and team, show of strength, communicate ability to handle commercial jobs

Getting big doors installed is not easy. Not everyone can do them. Mid-South Door has a good operation going on over there. I have another big door coming up in January, doors are one thing I don't have to worry about.

Richard Qualls