New Install – Long Panel Residential garage door

Available in short panel, long panel (shown), and several carriage house designs, we offer many options for a great looking door to match your home. Windows and insulation are additional options for adding light to the garage or changing the look of your home from the curb while insulation will help with the cost of electricity keeping the house where you like it.

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New Install – Full View Aluminum Garage Door

When the view is all that matters, all glass panels can create new live in spaces in a home that feel better. Glass options include tinted, low E, tempered, double pane, obscure, mirror, and much more. Most people would love a little more sunlight in their home, these doors are perfect for more light and easy opening to get fresh air also. Call us if you would like to discuss a project you are thinking about starting that these doors would be perfect for!

New Install – Walk through Impact Doors

We installed these Impact Doors at Walmart as they needed a solution that can handle high traffic and will last. Made of materials that stay in good shape even after being hit by pallets, carts, or other solid objects being transported to different areas in a warehouse environment. If you need our help with something similar, we can help with solutions, contact us at Midsouth Door.

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New Install – Rolling Steel door

Rolling Steel doors provide extra security, fit into tight headroom applications, long lasting, serviceable, and can be designed for high cycle applications, to mention just a few of the reasons to choose these type of doors. We install these on a regular basis and have experienced teams who do these every week.

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New Install – Bug screen for warehouse door

Need to get more airflow! Cooler temps and no bugs, that is the intent behind the design of a bug screen being added to a warehouse door. We install these on many warehouses and they just work! If you have a project in mind that needs solutions such as this one, give us a call!

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