7 Steps to a New Garage Door

We want to help you be one among our many happy customers who we have had the pleasure of working with to install a new garage door for their home.

We understand that you may not be aware of the many options that are available when having a new garage door installed.  Many homeowners have felt this way, especially since this is a purchase they do not make too often – when properly maintained, garage doors can sometimes last for more than a decade. 

Our customers have found that when we walked them through a few simple steps, they were able to get exactly what they wanted and loved their new garage door.  

So tell us, how can we help you?

Lets get started!

Buying a new garage door is definitely a huge decision. We aim to make the process smooth and painless.

Our customers also felt this was exciting, knowing how much better their home will look!

Here are the 7 steps we have found to work:

  1. Look at some great pictures to get some ideas
  2. Look at the designs of the panels to choose from and narrow things down
  3. Decide if you would like some windows by looking at the choices available
  4. Choose 2-3 colors.  Some colors are not available in all models.
  5. Think about whether you need an insulated garage door
  6. Do you need a new garage door opener?  Do you have any questions about garage door operators that we can help with?

Shall We Get Started?!

Check out some of these great pictures to get ideas on what style garage door you want for your home.

Choose which panel designs you like.  See Next step.

Choose which window designs you like, based on the panels you like

you can do both step 2 and 3 with the tools below. click the + to expand most areas for additional info

single car

double car 

single car

double car

  single car

 double car

Mosaic, you decide the window pattern, single car and double car examples


*note: pinch zoom or to see higher detail, click on the image to be taken to high-resolution images you can click on to zoom in

 short panel, single car

 short panel, double car

 long panel, single car

 long panel, double car

 single car

  double car

 single car

  double car

 Tuscany design, with arched top, single car

 Tuscany design, with square top, single car

 Lurcern design, with windows and decratrim inserts

*note: pinch zoom or to see higher detail, click on the image to be taken to high-resolution images you can click on to zoom in

Carriage Court Overlay Doors 

FullView Aluminum Wood   Custom wood doors built to your drawings

 The doors are steel sandwich construction with an overlay attached to the face offering many different designs.  

Anything is possible with wood.  Draw what you want and we will get you a quote.  These doors are custom built to order and take 6-8 weeks to be installed once all drawings are signed off and 50% deposit has been placed


**Some notes concerning odd size doors and how to measure a door:​

How to measure a door
Traditional Short panel
Traditional Long panel
Barn Style short panel
Barn Style long panel
Raised panel
Recessed panel
Premium Carriage House
12x7 Premium Carriage House
14x7 Premium Carriage House
15x7 Premium Carriage House

Choose 2-3 colors

Keep in mind, that white is frequently in stock and other colors may require special order 

Decide if you need an insulated door.

Not sure? We can help.

Decide if you need a new garage door opener as well.

Depending on the new door you choose, you may need to replace your current operator.

Call us!

We can install most new garage doors surprisingly quick.